Welcome to J.S. Chem

J.S. Chem Limited Partnership was established in 1979 by Dr. Jit Srivanavit, Phd in chemistry. The company manufactures Water Based Adhesive and Hot-Melt Adhesive for many industries; such as, printing, packaging, product assembly, woodworking, automotive, stationary, and many more.

By the continuous support from our customers, J.S. Chem has been growing based on trust and long term relationship. Today, the company became one of the major adhesive manufacturers in Thailand.

In order to meet with customer’s requirement, our standard adhesives can be formulated to have different solid content, viscosity, and setting speed.

With our experience and expertise in adhesives, we promised to not only deliver high quality products to our customers, but also to deliver technical support to them to improve productivity and reduce cost.


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